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This plugin changes the way hoppers work, by adding new features that allow users to make a profit, collect materials (even remotely) and make grinding, in general, a more fun and easy thing to do.
Part of the Epic Series.

Getting Started

To install EpicHoppers you will need to:

  1. Turn your server off.
  2. Add the required dependencies: Vault.
  3. Add the optional dependencies: ShopGUI+.
  4. Add in the latest version of EpicHoppers which you can find in our marketplace.
  5. Turn your server back on.



Each level has customizable unlockables based on the levels.yml configuration. Keep in mind that you can allow unlocks of certain abilities at a smaller level if you wish so, simply add the option in the levels.yml file.

The following unlockables are available for customization:

Name Description Image
Range The distance in blocks a hopper can wirelessly transmit items to other containers such as other hoppers, chests, furnaces, etc... It should be noted that this can not travel across worlds.
Amount The number of items that will wirelessly or non-wirelessly transmit from one hopper to another hopper at a time. The time option can be specified in the config.yml file, while the Amount per level option is set in the levels.yml file. Amount.gif
Link-amount Used to indicate many hoppers a single hopper can be connected too. When this is unlocked players will be able to utilize this upgrade by clicking the usual link button referenced in the {Amount} module. Then punch the desired linkable containers to complete the linking process. If you do not wish to utilize all available links, simply punch the original hopper to complete the process.
Suction Automatically transfers the items in the suction area into the inventory of the hopper. The default range of is set to 3 but can be edited set in the levels.yml file dependent on your personal preference. You can also lower or disable the Suction on an individual hopper through the GUI.
Cost-xp The cost in experience levels required to perform an upgrade to the hopper. This is set in the levels.yml file. XP Cost.png
Cost-eco The amount of money (player balance) required to perform an upgrade to the hopper. This is set in the levels.yml file. ECO Upgrade.png
Filter You can set items to filter into two different chests or be voided (destroyed). You can access the Whitelist and Blacklist through the GUI.
Teleport Provides the ability to teleport to another linked hopper. Please keep in mind, that the teleportation will only be active to the first linked up hopper, not all of them. If there is a need for multiple hoppers to be linked, you need to set them in a chain mode (A --> B --> C).
AutoSell Sells all items that have been put in the sale Whitetilst, this is a separate whitelist than the filter one. You can either use ShopGUI+ for the prices or set them up in the config.yml file.
BlockBreak Gives the ability for hoppers to break any blocks that are above them automatically. The frequency of the block breaking can be edited in the levels.yml file. BlockBreak.gif
AutoCrafting Provides the ability to autocraft certain items. The list of the craftable items can be edited in the config.yml file.

Plugin Files


We offer translated versions of this plugin! In order to use them, enter the corresponding Language Code into your config.yml.

Permissions & Commands

Command Description Permission Node
<player> - The playername for the person that you are targeting.
<level> - Indicates the level of the hopper spawned.
<duration> - Can either be days(d), hours(h), minutes(m) or seconds(s). For example 10 seconds would be 10s.
/eh Displays the basic help menu for the EpicHoppers plugin. Given by default.
/eh give <player> <level> Give yourself or another player a EpicHopper with a defined level. epichoppers.admin
/eh boost <player> <multiplier> <duration> Allows you to boost the transfer speed of all hoppers owned by the player by a multiplier.
/eh reload Reloads the EpicHoppers configuration and language files.
Bypass all plugin restrictions and grants access to all admin commands for EpicHoppers.
Allows you to use EpicHoppers. epichoppers.overview
Allows you to override the range. epichoppers.override
Allows players to use the teleport button in the hopper interface without the need to upgrade their hoppers for it. epichoppers.teleport
Giving this permission to a player will allow them to bypass build/interact restrictions within EpicHoppers. epichoppers.bypass
Allows the user to upgrade an EpicHopper using money. epichoppers.upgrade.eco
Allows the user to upgrade an EpicHopper using XP. epichoppers.upgrade.XP
Allows players to use the Filter without the need to upgrade their hoppers for it. epichoppers.filter
Allows players to use AutoCrafting without the need to upgrade their hoppers for it. epichoppers.crafting
With this, you can specify the number of hoppers that a player is allowed to place within one chunk. epichoppers.limit.<amount>

Supported Plugins

For compatibility with BentoBox, use EpicHooks