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This page is here to help you troubleshoot through some of the most common issues out there, it will also help answer some of the most common issues or questions that you may have. You can also find step-by-step guides on how to solve those questions and problems you may face.

File Regeneration

  1. Stop the server.
  2. Create a backup of current plugin folder. For example, EpicSpawners. Make sure to put it somewhere else.
  3. Delete the old folder of the plugin.
  4. Start the server up again.

Files should be regenerated.

Config Editing

Although both options are available it is recommended that you use the in-game editor to update settings, as the plugin automatically loads the changes made.

In-Game Editing Method

  1. Use the appropriate command to open the in-game settings GUI.
  2. Make the changes you want.

Your changes should be active in-game.

File Editing Method

You should not edit the files while the server is running as it could cause issues, even prevent the plugin from working correctly.

  1. Stop the server.
  2. Navigate to the plugin folder.
  3. Open the configuration file that you want to edit.
  4. Perform the edits you want.
  5. Ensure that you save the changes you made.
  6. Start the server again.

Your changes should be active in-game.