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Welcome to the Craftaro Originals Wiki.

Craftaro is a software development company with a primary focus on creating places for game modders and players to share content a-like. This website is the place to find various information on all of Craftaro's Original plugins. We have 197 articles on the wiki and are always adding more, so feel free to help us improve the quality of this wiki by editing or creating new pages.

Craftaro Originals


Test the Plugins

Want to try out our plugins before downloading or purchasing them? Visit our Discord and check out our #test-server channel (subject to availablity).


We accept feedback about everything we do. Whether it be feature requests for our plugins, you have an idea for one of our websites, or anything else. Always feel free to leave suggestions on our discord.!

Still Need Help?

Couldn't find what you're looking for? Feel free to contact us on our Discord!

Find Craftaro Plugins on GitHub

You can find all of our plugins on GitHub as well, by visiting the Craftaro page.