Epic Bosses

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Create wildly strong and highly customizable bosses for your players to battle.
Part of the Epic Series.

Warning Abandoned: This plugin has been abandoned. It will no longer be updated, nor will it receive any support.

Getting Started

To install Epic Bosses you will need to:

  1. Turn your server off.
  2. Add the required dependencies: Vault, Economy Management Plugin.
  3. Add in the latest version of Epic Bosses which you can find in our [ marketplace].
  4. Turn your server back on.

Plugin Files

Commands and Permissions

Command Description Permission
/boss help <page> Display the help menu of EpicBosses. boss.help
/boss create [name] [entity] Start the creation of a boss. boss.create
/boss edit [name] Edit a specified boss. boss.edit
/boss nearby <radius> Displays all nearby bosses within the specified radius. boss.nearby
/boss reload Reloads the configuration and language files of EpicBosses. boss.reload
/boss time <section> Shows the time left till next auto spawn. boss.time
/boss debug Toggles on and off the debug mode. boss.debug
/boss giveegg Gives you the spawn egg of a boss. boss.give
/boss shop Opens the shop for a player to purchase boss eggs themselves. boss.shop
/boss info [name] Displays the info of the specified boss. boss.admin
/boss killall <world> Removes all current bosses in the specified world.
/boss spawn [name] <location> Spawns a specific boss at the defined location. Example: /boss spawn BossBrianna world,0,100,0
/boss droptable Shows the current droptable
/boss items Shows all current items.
/boss skills Shows all current configured skills.
/boss list Shows all the list of current boss entities.
/boss menu Opens up the menu to edit all current created bosses.
/boss new skill [name] [type] [mods] Create a new skill section.
/boss new droptable [name] [type] Create a new droptable section.
/boss new command [name] [commands] Create a new command section.
/boss new message [name] [messages] Create a new message section.
/boss new autospawn [name] Create a new autospawn section.


Placeholder Description
{boss} This returns the boss' name.
{dmg} This returns the amount of damage you did to the boss during the fight.
{name} This returns the username of the player from the boss fight.
{percent} This returns the percentage of the boss' health that you took off, based on the damage you dealt during the fight against the initial health of the boss.
{player} This returns the player.
{positions} This returns the position on the damage leaderboard for that boss fight.
{skill} This returns the skill used by the boss.
%epicbosses_<placeholder you assigned to the autospawn>% This returns the time until the next autospawn.


Build 1.2.6

Supported Plugins

*EssentialsX *CMI *UltimateStacker *WildStacker

Frequently Asked Questions