Epic Anchors

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Give your players a purchasable way to keep their chunks loaded remotely for a limited amount of time.
Part of the Epic Series.

Getting Started

To install Epic Anchors you will need to:

  1. Turn your server off.
  2. Add the required dependencies: Vault, Economy Management Plugin.
  3. Add in the latest version of Epic Anchors which you can find in our marketplace.
  4. Turn your server back on.

Plugin Files



We offer translated versions of this plugin! In order to use them, enter the corresponding Language Code into your config.yml.

Supported Plugins

EpicAnchors is made to specifically work with EpicSpawners. Other spawner plugins or vanilla spawners are not supported.

Commands and Permissions

Command Description Permission Node
/ea Displays information about the plugin. epicanchors.view
/ea show Visualize anchors around you. Example
/ea settings Edit the EpicAnchors settings. epicanchors.admin
/ea reload Reloads the Configuration and Language files.
/ea give <player/all> <amount in hours/infinite> Gives an EpicAnchor of a certain length to the specified player.
Allows you to add time to the Anchor using money. epicanchors.upgrade.eco
Allows you to add time to the Anchor using XP. epicanchors.upgrade.xp

Frequently Asked Questions